Light up your celebration with this fountain candle topper. When lit, the Cake Fountain emits a gold sparkly fountain for approximately 45 to 50 seconds. There is no residue on the cake, practically no smoke, and more importantly, does not contain toxic chemicals! Recommended for outdoor use. Not for handheld use. Adult supervision required. Keep away from children. Use caution when handling this product and read disclaimer below. 

Measures 6.5”

1 fountain candle.

Sold individually 


Bon + Co. Party Studio Inc. does not recommend using the products on this website in a manner that will cause harm to yourself or others. In purchasing this product, you do it with the understanding that Bon + Co. Party Studio Inc. will not be held responsible for any injuries due to your use, or misuse of this product., or damage to any property as a result of use of this product. These are materials that should be used with care and caution. Use safety precautions when using this fountain topper as they do contain minimal amounts of sparking materials Children MUST be supervised by adults, and the product should never be lit when handheld. When purchasing this product from Bon + Co. Party Studio Inc., you agree to indemnify and hold harmless  Bon + Co. Party Studio Inc. from any and all legal consequences arising from the purchase, storage or use of these sparkler toppers and other materials by you or others, and agree to all this website terms and conditions.