A great addition to any party, the blue Balloon Arch will be a focal point at any celebration!

These great balloon arches are sure to get your guests talking and will be a great addition when decorating your venue. Why not try adding fresh flowers and foliage to your balloon arch.

The blue balloon arch has 70 balloons which consists of - 
15 x 5" - White Balloons,
15 x 5" - Teal Balloons,
10 x 12" blue balloons, 
10 x 12" pearl blue balloons, 
10 x 12" white balloons pearl, 
4 x 12" confetti balloons - blue confetti,
4 x 12" blue marble balloons, 
2 x 18" white balloons and 4m Balloon Tape

Balloon garlands come with all components to assemble at home or at your venue.  


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Designed in England by Ginger Ray UK