When you put mechanical pencils and coloured pencils together, you get Rainbow Mechanical Coloured Pencils. This set of coloured mechanical pencils is everything you need for a colourful pencil experience with 12 colours in all. Rainbow Mechanical Pencils aren't your typical mechanical pencils however; they have very thick coloured leads; 2mm in fact, so you won't have any problems with lead breakage. Plus, since the leads are so thick they can be sharpened too. See the included pencil sharpener in the set. Running out of coloured lead? No problem; Rainbow Mechanical Pencils have refillable coloured leads, so when you run out of colour you can just simply pop off the top and refill with the included extra lead refill right in the case.

Great for colouring, drawing, coloured note taking and textbook highlighting, Rainbow Mechanical Pencils are a great set of coloured pencils to have.